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      Xiangyang Gaolong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Address: No. 132 South Road, Nanzhang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

      Tel: 0710-5199681

      Fax: 0710-5231641

      Mobile phone: 13377973557

      Contact person: Mr. Zhou

      E-mail: 13377973557@vip.163.com

      Website: www.teyrek.com


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      Phosphoric acid

      Product name: Phosphoric acid

      Alias: rthophosphoric acid; Phosphoric Acid, Sonac;

      white phosphoric acid; Phosphoric acid,food grade;

      PA; Phosphoric acid food grade;

      CAS RN:7664-38-2

      EINECS No.: 231-633-2

      Molecular Formula: H3PO4

      Molecular Weight: 97.99



      Pure product is colorless, transparent and viscous liquid or orthorhombic crystal, no odor, with sour taste. 85%

      phosphoric acid is colorless, transparent or light-colored viscous liquid. Melting point is 42.35℃. Boiling point is

      213℃. Relative density is d181.834. Easily soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol. Uses:

      Mainly used in metal surface; it can be used in polishing aluminum products; in producing various phosphates;

      in producing calcium phosphate for use in feed; in producing ;manganous dihydrogen phosphate and potassium

      pyrophosphate; in pharmaceutical industry, this product can be used in producing sodium glycerol-phosphate, iron phosphate; it can also be used as drying agent for dye and intermediate production. Etc.

      Packed by PE plastic drum, the drum should be tightly sealed. Net weight: 35Kg—330Kg-1000kg. The package shall mark the following information: product name, specification, net weight,

      ‘corrosive substance’, etc.

      Specification: technical grade

      Packing: 35kg/drum,330kg/drum, IBC ton drum

      Executive Standard: (GB 2091-2008)


      Qualified product

      Color, Hazen≤


      Phosphoric acid,%  ≥


      Arsenic content   %     ≤


      Heavy metal content %   ≤


      Chloride content %   ≤


      Sulfate content, %   ≤


      Iron content,%      ≤